Maxi 12x12” Reversible Insert

Farmhouse style, reversible sign insert that reads “You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild” on one side, “You will always be the love I call home” on the the other. I love the safe and wild quote because it perfectly portrays what women and men both crave in our perfect marriage of differences. This insert is all about the feeling of safety and love in our significant other. These maxi inserts are a beautiful statement or pair well on a gallery wall. 12x12” reversible inserts are made of Birch Plywood that has been sanded, painted and lightly distressed. I paint each insert individually; they are not massed produced, so as with all handmade items, there are imperfections, and no two are alike. Each insert sits perfectly in a Meraki Maxi frame that measures just shy of 13x13”. The light frame shown here is Honey Oak and is sold separately. Each frame holds two, reversible inserts, for a total of four signs in one frame possible.

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