Hello Spring, Sweet Summertime Reversible Wood Sign Decor

Hello Spring, Sweet Summertime Reversible Wood Sign Decor

Hello Spring and Sweet Summertime reversible, wood sign insert is painted on a crisp white background with black text and a little burst of color.  Welcome Spring and Summer without buying a whole new sign-just flip it over for the change of seasons and sayings!


My Frame and reversible insert concept is different than most Farmhouse style signs!  Why?  Why buy a whole new sign every time you want to switch up your decor when you can invest in a frame (or two), available in multiple color options, and then add reversible sign inserts as you desire?  The options are endless!


This listing allows you the option of purchasing a frame and the reversible insert or the reversible insert only, with no frame.  Perfect flexibility for the newbie who needs a frame and sign insert or the return buyer who already has the frame and wants a new, fresh reversible sign insert.


Frames are made from Pine furring strips that have been sanded,then stained or painted, and constructed with nails and glue for sturdiness to a Birch plywood back.  Each frame has a metal sawtooth hanger and two rubber bumpers in the bottom, two corners.  This frame has TWO SAWTOOTH HANGERS SO IT CAN BE HUNG HORIZONTALLY AND VERTICALLY!  GENIUS!  This frame measures 13 1/2" long, 6 1/2" tall, and 1 1/2" deep.  Each frame can hold two sign inserts at a time, one stacked on top of the other. Frames are rustic in style and painted ones are lightly distressed.


Each reversible sign insert is made of Birch plywood that has been cut to fit inside the frame perfectly!  They are sanded, painted with Behr "Swiss Coffee" white, lightly distressed around the edges, and then text is hand painted.  The sides/edges of the reversible sign inserts are not painted, as they are not seen when inside the frame.  These sign inserts measure 12" long, 5" high, and 1/2' thick.


Wood has so much natural charcter and I do my best to showcase grain, knots, holes and markings in the wood during the creative process and construction.  I make no effort to hide any of these unique characteristics-I value their beauty!  Stain and paint take to each piece of wood differently, and each sign is hand painted, so no two signs are exactly alike.  I do my best to photograph listings in their best light, and as they really are. 


I have some stock, but many of my frames and sign inserts are made when you order them, so please allow 3-5 days for your order to ship.  I value your business and do my best to ship your order as quickly as possible.  If you need a rush, please email me so we can work out a suitable arrangement for both of us.