Mini 5x5” Reversible Insert

Farmhouse style, reversible sign insert that reads “nice butt” on one side, “please seat yourself”on the the other. Every busy bathroom needs a little humor and this is just the ticket hung on the wall or sitting on a shelf. Gray lettering. These mini inserts that are perfect for small spaces or part of a larger collection, without the need to buy a new sign as seasons or your mood change. 5x5” reversible inserts are made of Birch Plywood that has been sanded, painted and lightly distressed. I paint each insert individually; they are not massed produced, so as with all handmade items, there are imperfections, and no two are alike. Each insert sits perfectly in a Meraki Mini Frame. The light frame shown here is weathered  gray and is sold separately. Each frame holds two, reversible inserts, for a total of four signs in one frame possible.

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