Mini 5x5” Reversible Insert  HOPE/LOVE

Mini 5x5” Reversible Insert HOPE/LOVE

Farmhouse style, reversible sign insert that reads “HOPE” on one side, “LOVE” on the the other. This is the perfect reminder in print of the things that make life good. These mini inserts that are perfect for small spaces or part of a larger collection, without the need to buy a new sign.


5x5” reversible inserts are made of Birch Plywood that has been sanded, painted and lightly distressed. I paint each insert individually; they are not massed produced, so as with all handmade items, there are slight variations in each insert, and no two are alike. Each insert sits perfectly in a Meraki Mini Frame. The light frames shown here are weathered gray, and Honey Oak and are sold separately. Shop Mini Frames here. Each frame holds two, reversible inserts, for a total of four signs in one frame possible.